Hagrien is headquartered in Houston Texas, the United States. Hagrien is a professional technology company serving oil and gas fields. It mainly produces dissolvable magnesium material, dissolvable magnesium bridge plug, all metal dissolvable bridge plug, drillable bridge plug, cast iron large bore bridge plug, integrated setting tool bridge plug, logging surface perforation & correction system, automatic retractable setting tool, integrated dissolvable setting tool bridge plug, downhole tractor, drilling jar, downhole cutting machine and various bridge plug fishing tools. Hagrien has latest technology in the development of surface and downhole tools in oil and gas fields, and has begun to further develop surface and underground supporting equipment and tools for energy drilling, fracturing and logging. Since its establishment, the company has developed more than 30 kinds of products with independent intellectual property rights. For example, all metal dissolvable bridge plug can meet the conditions of different temperature and salinity under well conditions to achieve the effect of complete dissolution. As the goal of sustainable development, Hagrien is making cooperate with local petroleum equipment companies to become a professional technology company that develops and produces various downhole tools, software and equipment as well as spare parts for North America and even the global oil and gas field market.

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Hagrien All Metal Bridge Plug in Shanxi Area

Congratulations on the successful running of Hagrien All Metal Bridge Plug in Shanxi Area! The downhole  temperature in Shanxi is low and the mineralization degree is low. A new material dissolvable bridge plug is developed and manufactured for the area. The specified time is 10-14 days, and Party A probes the plug in advance after 4 days, with a success rate of 100%.