Hagrien All Metal Bridge Plug in Shanxi Area

Congratulations on the successful running of Hagrien All Metal Bridge Plug in Shanxi Area! The downhole  temperature in Shanxi is low and the mineralization degree is low. A new material dissolvable bridge plug is developed and manufactured for the area. The specified time is 10-14 days, and Party A probes the plug in advance after 4 days, with a success rate of 100%.

Hagrien Creates Brilliance Again!-In ChePaiZi XinJiang

In 2019, our company’s fully dissolvable bridge plug will be successfully installed in Chepaizi operation area of Xinjiang Oilfield! The underground situation in Chepaizi area of Xinjiang is complex and the construction is difficult, and the casing deformation often occurs. All along, it can only use coiled tubing transmission means for construction. In 2019, a well in Chepaizi operation area of Xinjiang Oilfield successfully used the fully soluble bridge plug produced by our company for operation, and there was no accident in 21 sections of continuous construction, which broke the situation that only coiled tubing could be used in Chepaizi area, and rewritten the history that Xinjiang Chepaizi could not use soluble bridge plug, contributing to the fracturing and stimulation activities of Xinjiang Oilfield! The picture shows our staff taking a group photo at the well site.

Hegrien Sets Sail In 2020

At the beginning of 2020, our fully automatic setting tool was successfully tested in jimusar operation area of Xinjiang Oilfield. The new automatic setting tool abandons the gunpowder medium of the original Baker 10 / Baker 20 and other traditional tools, and completely uses the electro-hydraulic driving mode to generate driving force. In this year’s “cost reduction and efficiency” environment, the new setting tools no longer use initiating explosive devices, which reduces the risk in the process of transportation and saves the tedious reporting process. In use, the danger of explosives such as gunpowder is reduced. The efficiency of its new products is better than that of traditional setting tools. In 2020, hagreen will forge ahead and create more brilliance!

Haigren and CPL-Changqing Branch Break The National Fracturing Record

From April 2019, our products will be used by Yulin, Ansai, Jingbian and other project departments of Changqing Oilfield, and our company will provide services and guarantee for them. In November 2019, the tight gas project Department of Changqing Oilfield set a new record of single platform 20 hour bridge shooting combined operation of 12 sections in Yu 47 platform! Tight gas project department uses our company’s products in yu47, and our company provides service and guarantee for them. This is a fruitful achievement of “one well, one policy” implemented by CCDC in 2019.